Mother Natures Apothecary: Beeswax free option available

These are all items I keep in multiple places in my house because they are all so handy to have. I even pack these with me when we go camping or when we would backpack. All of these items contain items I have foraged from my yard and local forests. Wildcrafted herbal Apothecary at your fingertips.
The only thing you'll need to purchase separately is a roll or pack of gauze, bandaids, and every home needs rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. This kit comes with each item labeled as (mostly) seen in the picture. And some detailed cards with more information.

This is a one shop stops all kit-
It includes:
1 Bummer Buster - 1 ounce headache and migraine relief balm.
1 Chili Ginger Bug - 2 ounce tin of sore muscle rub
1 Do-All salve - 1 ounce first aid ointment containing calendula, plantain, comfrey and St. John's wort. From bug bites and scratches to chapped and dry skin
1 Drawing Black - the blackest drawing salve you better have on hand; use it to draw things up and out of your skin. Boils, splinters, stings, nasty bug bites.


Bummer Buster: headache and migraine relief. Olive oil infused with Douglas fir tips, beeswax, pine and peppermint essential oil. This balm is best accompanied with a cool wet wash cloth and rest.

Chili Ginger Bug: olive oil infused with chili peppers, cayenne, Turmeric root, Ginger root, caster oil infused with arnica, beeswax. Treat this balm with respect: throughly wash hand after applying this potent concoction. Best if covered with a gauze after applying- Turmeric can stain clothing.

Do All Salve: olive oil infused with plantain, calendula, comfrey leaf and root, St. John's wort, beeswax tea tree essential oil

Drawing Black: Olive oil infused wth plantain, caster oil infused with arnica, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, beeswax. Best if applied and covered with a gauze, it's thick and black and can get messy.

Mother Natures Apothecary - Herbal First Aid Kit



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