~Sugar Magnolia~Summer Everlasting BO Buster cream deodorant with baking soda BUT won't leave you chaffed and burning! Choose either "Custom" to create your own blend or Pick from the List!

This is for one 2 ounce reusable glass container OR plastic twist up tube of (2.60 oz) of deodorant cream. Make sure to make your choice below, either container holds the same amount of deodorant..

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Shea butter, coconut oil, kaolin clay, tapioca flour, baking soda, probiotics, tea tree essential oil AND your choice of essential oil scent:

Unscented/Tea Tree
Rose Geranium
Clary Sage
Cedar wood


Custom Blend your own scent (I have most essential oils available) 

Directions for use: take a dime to pinky size amount of cream and warm it between your finger tips; work this paste into your underarm area.
It should be coated without feeling gloopy and wet.

It's natural to occasionally smell through your "natural" deodorant. This is no antiperspirant- if you're having a wet day, consider taking a zen moment to wipe down your pits, dry off and reapply. How does yours stand up?

Baking soda can cause rash, redness, irritation, even dry and cracked skin! I feel that Lisaliseblog.com sums it up best "if you are experiencing rash, discomfort or any other reactions to your DIY baking soda deodorant, it is NOT because your body is detoxing – it's because you are applying an unhealthy concentration of baking soda to your armpits"

The International Journal of Toxicology defines the use of Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) for cosmetic use as such: "The cosmetic use of Sodium Carbonate at high concentrations is mainly limited to products designed to be diluted before use and in products where pH is buffered to near neutrality"

A neutral pH is 7, our skins natural pH is anywhere from 4.5-5, baking soda holds a pH of around 9!

Why does this matter? I spent a lot of time developing a pH balanced neutral baking soda based natural deodorant! And you know what, it works!

Sugar Magnolia Cream Deodorant

Scented in:
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